Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Memories of my old typewriter

I remember that when I was in high school I had a typing course on some super old typewriters but to practice at home, my parents bought me a brother electronic typewriter with a keyboard that looked pretty much like a computer's and it was made of plastic like in the picture below.

Mine didn't have the LCD pannel but it was still one of the latest models in the market in the late 90's (I graduated in 2002). I don't remember which one I had exactly, but it had a lot of automatic functions like automatic carriage return and automatic relocation after correction, etc. I remember I loved it because it was the closest thing to a computer, back then I didn't have one, and I just loved to imitate those secretaries that could type super fast without looking at the keyboard. I guess now I should thank it and this class for making me a very accurate and rapid keyboarder =).

I wonder what happened to this typewriter... All I remember is that I took great care of it and kept it in perfect conditions but I think after a few years in my closet, my mom probably got rid of it, I'm not sure if she sold it or if she gave it away but we don't have it at home anymore and it's been gone for many years.

I recently saw some photographs with some vintage typewriters and I just fell in love with them. So, I started googling and decided to buy one or even two because I think they would look great in my room. After checking for a few hours, I decided that I am going more for the look of the period between the 1950's and 1970's because they are mechanical, the edges are more rounded and it is more common to find them in very nice pastel colors while 1940's typewriters were mostly black or dark grey and extremely heavy and the ones after the 70's resemble more the modern keyboards.

I found two Consul typewriters in "very good conditions" (I still have to check that) here in Leipzig exactly like the one you see in the picture below. Doesn't it look lovely?

Let's see if I can restore them, I will keep you updated!

Good night!

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