Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Memories of my old typewriter

I remember that when I was in high school I had a typing course on some super old typewriters but to practice at home, my parents bought me a brother electronic typewriter with a keyboard that looked pretty much like a computer's and it was made of plastic like in the picture below.

Mine didn't have the LCD pannel but it was still one of the latest models in the market in the late 90's (I graduated in 2002). I don't remember which one I had exactly, but it had a lot of automatic functions like automatic carriage return and automatic relocation after correction, etc. I remember I loved it because it was the closest thing to a computer, back then I didn't have one, and I just loved to imitate those secretaries that could type super fast without looking at the keyboard. I guess now I should thank it and this class for making me a very accurate and rapid keyboarder =).

I wonder what happened to this typewriter... All I remember is that I took great care of it and kept it in perfect conditions but I think after a few years in my closet, my mom probably got rid of it, I'm not sure if she sold it or if she gave it away but we don't have it at home anymore and it's been gone for many years.

I recently saw some photographs with some vintage typewriters and I just fell in love with them. So, I started googling and decided to buy one or even two because I think they would look great in my room. After checking for a few hours, I decided that I am going more for the look of the period between the 1950's and 1970's because they are mechanical, the edges are more rounded and it is more common to find them in very nice pastel colors while 1940's typewriters were mostly black or dark grey and extremely heavy and the ones after the 70's resemble more the modern keyboards.

I found two Consul typewriters in "very good conditions" (I still have to check that) here in Leipzig exactly like the one you see in the picture below. Doesn't it look lovely?

Let's see if I can restore them, I will keep you updated!

Good night!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vintage Cameras!


So as I wrote a couple of days before, I fell super in love with vintage typewriters (I'm in the process of getting one or two) and now I'm like obsessed with vintage cameras. In fact, I just bought two on the US ebay and I'm going to get the third one! Let's see how that goes because I haven't received them yet.

The first one I got was the Imperial Mark XII camera in a very nice acqua/turquoise color and I got it for a really special price. The camera comes in its original box with a roll film (which I suppose it expired a long time ago) and although it includes 3 flash bulbs, it doesn't come with the flash device =( (let's see if I can find later on).

The second one I bought was the Imperial II Flash Satellite Camera in a brown/tan color with the flash and the bulb for a bargain price (seriously cheap). Both cameras are made of plastic, require 127 roll film and were produced by the Hebert George Company in Chicago, Ill., USA between the 1950's - 60's.

The next one I want to get is the Kodak Brownie Holiday which is a very small camera, measures approximately 4 inches wide, 3 1/4 inches tall x 3 inches deep and also requires 127 roll film, it's made of hard plastic and it comes with the original strap. This camera was introduced in October of 1953 and discontinued in April of 1962 and was pretty popular in its days and very easy to use from what I have read. I'm just taking a lil bit more time to get this one because I really want one in very good condition and preferably working. I would love to take pictures with it someday.

Here's a pinterest board that I did with some of my favorite pictures of these cameras. I hope you like them!

Good night!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day trip to Potsdam, Germany


Yesterday I made a day trip to the lovely city of Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg. The city, which is 24 Kms away from Berlin and almost 2h 45m from Leipzig by train, is astonishingly beautiful and because of its cultural significance, it has been listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Unfortunately, we only spend a few hours so we had to rush a little bit to see the most interesting spots but it was definitely worth it. We passed by the Sanssouci palace (Schloss Sanssouci), its Chinese house (Chinesisches Haus) and some of its parks, the St. Nicholas' Church (St. Nikolaikirche), the University of Potsdam (it's actually a castle), the Dutch Quarter, the Brandenburger Stra├če which is the main shopping street, the market and many more. Here are some of the pictures that I took, some of them are just pictures of the fall and the beautiful landscapes that I saw. I hope you like them!

Good night!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Vintage Typewriters!!


My latest obsession are the retro/vintage typewriters! I'm thinking about buying a couple of them to restore them myself and use them to decorate my home. I even convinced my boyfriend that they would look awesome and he agreed to help me =).

Here is a pinterest board that I made with some of my favorite pictures of them. I think they look lovely, especially in pastels. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hello!! This is my new blog!

Hi everyone!

This is my new blog and I hope you enjoy it!!

Actually I've had this blog for quite a while, approx. since 2009 but I hadn't written anything since then so I decided to start from 0. I really don't know how to start or what to write about for the first time because there are so many things I'd like to share but I'll start by writing a lil bit about me. Well, I come from Colombia, I'm 28 y.o. and recently graduated from the University of Leipzig with an MBA focused on the development and promotion of SME's. I'm still living in Leipzig and at the moment I'm looking for a job/internship here in Germany, preferably in the fashion industry or in the marketing, sales or business development areas of any other industry.

I love fashion and design, in fact I have a 3-year degree in fashion and haute couture, and I have participated in several fashion projects and events. I think, and most people that really know me also think, that I'm very creative, I love to draw, paint and design and sew clothes and accessories. I enjoy reading and I super love scrapbooking (I'm working on 2 albums at the moment) and cross-stitching (I've done so many pieces I lost the count).

I also love home decor, make-up and of course, I can't leave travelling out! Travelling is another one of my great passions, I have been incredibly lucky to have traveled so much, I have visited approx. 117 different cities in 23 countries around the world and of course, I hope I can visit more soon =)

This blog will be about all things mentioned above, I really hope you enjoy it =)!!

Below there's a pic of my daughter, a 7 year-old schnauzer called Cherry!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Good night!!