Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hello!! This is my new blog!

Hi everyone!

This is my new blog and I hope you enjoy it!!

Actually I've had this blog for quite a while, approx. since 2009 but I hadn't written anything since then so I decided to start from 0. I really don't know how to start or what to write about for the first time because there are so many things I'd like to share but I'll start by writing a lil bit about me. Well, I come from Colombia, I'm 28 y.o. and recently graduated from the University of Leipzig with an MBA focused on the development and promotion of SME's. I'm still living in Leipzig and at the moment I'm looking for a job/internship here in Germany, preferably in the fashion industry or in the marketing, sales or business development areas of any other industry.

I love fashion and design, in fact I have a 3-year degree in fashion and haute couture, and I have participated in several fashion projects and events. I think, and most people that really know me also think, that I'm very creative, I love to draw, paint and design and sew clothes and accessories. I enjoy reading and I super love scrapbooking (I'm working on 2 albums at the moment) and cross-stitching (I've done so many pieces I lost the count).

I also love home decor, make-up and of course, I can't leave travelling out! Travelling is another one of my great passions, I have been incredibly lucky to have traveled so much, I have visited approx. 117 different cities in 23 countries around the world and of course, I hope I can visit more soon =)

This blog will be about all things mentioned above, I really hope you enjoy it =)!!

Below there's a pic of my daughter, a 7 year-old schnauzer called Cherry!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Good night!!

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